Tips & Tricks On How To Care For Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor CareYou’ve got a great looking beautiful hardwood floor that’s just been installed and now you’re thinking to yourself how can I maintain it and keep it looking gorgeous? With proper care and maintenance you can extend the life of your lovely new wood floor, the same principles apply to both engineered wood and solid wood as they are both made from real hardwood. The only difference is that engineered wood flooring has top layer of solid wood that provides you with the desired wood finish. Repeated sanding of this layer will eventually remove this layer entirely. However, as you should only need to sand your floor every ten years or so, it’s unlikely you’ll ever remove a significant amount of this layer.

We’ve written another handy article on the differences and uses of solid wood vs engineered wood flooring which you can read by clicking here.

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Grey Wood Flooring

Grey wood flooring is one of the most popular flooring colours on the market. Taking over modern interiors, we can’t seem to get enough of grey laminate, grey solid oak, grey engineered wood or grey luxury vinyl tiles. Perhaps it’s due to the effortless blend with décor and furnishings, the practicality of the colouring or simply the fresh, clean feel it brings to a room. Regardless of the reasoning, grey wood flooring has become a strong contender in the industry. If you’re considering it for your home, these handy tips will help you get the most from your new flooring.