Cool Design Ideas & Styles For Wooden Flooring

Whilst all natural hardwood flooring is in and of itself be a real thing of beauty, there are also some really great design ideas out there for those that are feeling a little more adventurous there are loads of flooring. Our little guide will lead you through some interesting ideas that may inspire your next hardwood flooring design

Random Width Wood Flooring

This simple effect is really stylish – it’s a little twist on the regular straight parallel design except the width of each plank is different. Usually a standard sized board is used predominantly, with half-widths every 2 or 3 runs. Unlike other alternative patterns this is a relatively cheap way of installing a floor and getting some individuality into the design at the same time, as there’s no more wastage or wood needed than laying a regular straight, parallel floor.


Geometric Shapes Design for Wood Flooring

Now here’s a chance to really let your imagination run wild! You can get some really beautiful effects with this style of flooring – and it’s great if you like a number of different types of wood as you can use them all! From intricate geometric patterns to ‘picture framing’, there’s plenty of scope to use different woods to create a stunning effect. However, the more complicated the more expensive. To keep costs down and still have this nice style of a mix of woods and contrasting colours you might want to think about picture framing. It’s relatively inexpensive as you can simply use a different type of wood outline the floor. This can also be an effective way of denoting different areas of a room, or joining to types of flooring together.For further inspiration we recommend you explore Pinterest to search for wood floors and discover lots of different styles and ideas. Why not print out a few patterns you like the look of and then bring them to our showroom when you come to choose your wood floor?

Diagonal Wood Floor

How about making a statement that says, “we’re unconventional” by installing your floor at a 45-degree angle to the walls? This is another way to way to achieve a unique room design without costing a huge amount more than a conventional straight floor pattern. Setting the wood diagonally looks great and is especially effective if you have a nice feature rug laid across the diagonal.. This style can also help to make your room look larger, as your eyes follow the wood floorboards to the corners of your room, not the walls, a very neat little optical illusion!.

Parquet, Herringbone & Other Traditional Styles

The latest trends are showing that parquet and herringbone patterns are having a bit of a come back, as homeowners give these traditional patterns a contemporary twist. Whether it’s in the choice of wood or finish, size of boards, or perhaps mixing it up with a crossover between parquet and herringbone, there are lots of ways to get creative. We particularly like the effect larger widths can create when used in a herringbone pattern, and also the impact a floor makes when using different types of wood in one unifying traditional pattern.

Chevron Patterned Wooden Flooring

And finally there’s an attractive and simple alternative to a herringbone pattern, it is the chevron. The main difference is that each floorboard is cut at an angle across the width instead of square, so you get a very distinctive V shape and clear delineation between each run of boards. It’s another great style tip for making a small room look bigger, and again makes a real feature of your floor.

If this wood flooring guide has got you excited about the possibilities for your home, the next step is to see different products for yourself. The best way to do this is to visit our showroom and get hands on with our wood floors!

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