Bi-Folding Door Sets

A brand new stylish room divider solution which uses a high quality track to allow any of our doors to effortlessly glide across the system. Room dividers offer a vast array of different options to choose from. A room divider can bring that flexibility to a property that is not always afforded by merely using walls to separate rooms. Numerous configurations can be created to suit any home.

A complete off-the-shelf solution allowing you to quickly and easily install your chosen configuration. We have specially designed the track and bearings and put them through rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the extra weight you would come to expect from a Déanta door. This ensures that your doors will effortlessly slide every single time, and will last for years to come.

Modular One Flooring

Modular One Flooring

Parador Modular One Polypropylene floors are extremely tough with a hardwearing surface made from polypropylene and PVC free. They are the quietest product underfoot with a AC5 wear class rating – commercial wear rating, extremely durable and very hard to mark, scratch & dent. Water resistant for up to 4 hours and suitable for wet room areas. Very authentic wood texture, looks like real wood and available in short length and long wide plank formats.

Herringbone Flooring

What is Herringbone Flooring?

It is a pattern that’s existed for centuries, in fact it’s been traced back to the age of the Roman Empire. Their engineers found that its crisscrossing arrangement was perfect for road building. Now, we believe it is the ideal flooring for the home.

The herringbone flooring pattern itself catches the eye immediately with its 90 degree interlocking slats, and can make any room in your home pop to life. Because it bends space to get the full effect of the pattern, herringbone flooring can look great in large sitting or dining rooms or long hallways. Regardless of the style of each room, whether it’s modern or more classical, there is a finish and colour that will best suit every room of the house.

We have over 20 Herringbone floors available to view in store plus we can offer a full installation service.

Flooring Choices

There’s lots to consider when it comes to choosing the right floor; type, praticalicality, colour, finish, texture, board size and grade plus is it suitable for under-floor heating?. At Oakley Wood Timber we have over 600 different styles of flooring in Solid Wood, Real Wood Engineered plus luxury Laminate & Vinyl. All our floors are displayed in large panels so you can get proper idea of what your flooring will look like. If you are thinking of buying real wood either solid or engineered then hand samples will not tell you what the whole floor will look like as real wood can very from piece to piece. We would love to make your next floor one of ours so please come and see us at our showroom in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire. We also offer doors, furniture, worktops, profiles and all the accessories you will need as well as a local fitting service.

Customise your Furniture

Creating beautiful interiors is not all about the colour on the walls, make our furniture your own and inject personality into your home. Choose from either one of our subtle modern colours and combine with one of our oak finished tops; or alternatively keep the natural look with an all over oak option in either natural monocoat oil or our satin lacquer.

Oakley Wood Timber are very excited to introduce their stunning collection of quality furniture. From dining room tables to plasma tv units we have a wide selection of items available to suit most tastes and budgets. Your can view our Bretagne & Somerdale collections in store plus many more pieces online