Herringbone Flooring

What is Herringbone Flooring?

It is a pattern that’s existed for centuries, in fact it’s been traced back to the age of the Roman Empire. Their engineers found that its crisscrossing arrangement was perfect for road building. Now, we believe it is the ideal flooring for the home.

The herringbone flooring pattern itself catches the eye immediately with its 90 degree interlocking slats, and can make any room in your home pop to life. Because it bends space to get the full effect of the pattern, herringbone flooring can look great in large sitting or dining rooms or long hallways. Regardless of the style of each room, whether it’s modern or more classical, there is a finish and colour that will best suit every room of the house.

We have over 20 Herringbone floors available to view in store plus we can offer a full installation service.

Flooring Choices

There’s lots to consider when it comes to choosing the right floor; type, praticalicality, colour, finish, texture, board size and grade plus is it suitable for under-floor heating?. At Oakley Wood Timber we have over 600 different styles of flooring in Solid Wood, Real Wood Engineered plus luxury Laminate & Vinyl. All our floors are displayed in large panels so you can get proper idea of what your flooring will look like. If you are thinking of buying real wood either solid or engineered then hand samples will not tell you what the whole floor will look like as real wood can very from piece to piece. We would love to make your next floor one of ours so please come and see us at our showroom in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire. We also offer doors, furniture, worktops, profiles and all the accessories you will need as well as a local fitting service.

Customise your Furniture

Creating beautiful interiors is not all about the colour on the walls, make our furniture your own and inject personality into your home. Choose from either one of our subtle modern colours and combine with one of our oak finished tops; or alternatively keep the natural look with an all over oak option in either natural monocoat oil or our satin lacquer.

Oakley Wood Timber are very excited to introduce their stunning collection of quality furniture. From dining room tables to plasma tv units we have a wide selection of items available to suit most tastes and budgets. Your can view our Bretagne & Somerdale collections in store plus many more pieces online www.oakleywoodtimber.co.uk 

Solid Wood Flooring Free Samples

Why consider a solid wood floor?

Solid wood flooring is exactly what it says on the tin – solid wood through and through. The wood is taken directly from the tree trunk, then cut and shaped down to size, which is typically between 18 and 25cm. Solid wood flooring is available in various species of wood. We offer a number of different species, including oak, walnut, maple, bamboo and more. Check out our selection of solid wood flooring here and request a free sample of the ones you like.

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Solid Wood Flooring

The Essential Buyers Guide To Wood Flooring

Selecting and purchasing real wood flooring for your home or premises can be quite overwhelming once you begin exploring your options, the possibilities seem endless. It can understandably be difficult to know where to begin, because there are a multiplicity of wood flooring products to choose from.

By installing wood floors you can transform a space from creating a sleek and stylish interior in modern homes, a warm, cosy, rustic feel in a cottage, to a timeless, elegant statement in a period property. It all depends on what do you want to achieve.

We thought we would write this handy guide to help you navigate through the options available and inform you of the choices you have available to consider when buying the perfect wood floor for your home or premises.


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How Do I Choose Between Solid & Engineered Wood Flooring?

engineered-wood-solid-woodChoosing the right flooring for your home can be a difficult task, one which needs careful consideration. It can transform the way a room looks and is something that you will live with on a daily basis. Investing in a beautiful wood floor can make the world of difference to your home, making it stylish and adding that ‘wow’ factor that will invite compliments from your visitors and simply look amazing.

Once you’ve decided that wood flooring is the way to go you then need to choose the type of wood, light or dark, the finish you want and you’ll also need to consider if you should use an engineered or solid wood flooring to boot! So to help inform your choice we thought we would put together this handy article to explain the differences between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring.

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Tips & Tricks On How To Care For Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor CareYou’ve got a great looking beautiful hardwood floor that’s just been installed and now you’re thinking to yourself how can I maintain it and keep it looking gorgeous? With proper care and maintenance you can extend the life of your lovely new wood floor, the same principles apply to both engineered wood and solid wood as they are both made from real hardwood. The only difference is that engineered wood flooring has top layer of solid wood that provides you with the desired wood finish. Repeated sanding of this layer will eventually remove this layer entirely. However, as you should only need to sand your floor every ten years or so, it’s unlikely you’ll ever remove a significant amount of this layer.

We’ve written another handy article on the differences and uses of solid wood vs engineered wood flooring which you can read by clicking here.

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Grey Wood Flooring

Grey wood flooring is one of the most popular flooring colours on the market. Taking over modern interiors, we can’t seem to get enough of grey laminate, grey solid oak, grey engineered wood or grey luxury vinyl tiles. Perhaps it’s due to the effortless blend with décor and furnishings, the practicality of the colouring or simply the fresh, clean feel it brings to a room. Regardless of the reasoning, grey wood flooring has become a strong contender in the industry. If you’re considering it for your home, these handy tips will help you get the most from your new flooring.